How easy is it to get solar panels on houses Installed?

Solar panels on houses

As you might expect, solar panels are big business at the moment. From the German manufacturers, to the local installers, this is a growth industry. It makes sense. Solar is the future in terms of our electrical demands. Unlike other inefficient green options this is something that actually delivers, and could feasibly replace traditional power sources almost completely in as little as half a century. Add to that the fact that it current profits the owner thanks to the feed in tariff, and you’ve got a lot of reasons to be thinking about solar panels on houses installation. But is it a lot of hassle?

It is a very simple process to get solar panels on houses Installed. First of all you have to weight up installation companies. This means hopping on the internet and finding a solar comparison site. There are lots of companies to choose between, and once you’ve selected a few you can start getting quotes. Most providers will attend a home within twenty four hours of you getting in touch and provide a quote. The price will vary with each property, and starts at around six and a half thousand pounds.

solar panels on houses

The installation itself is fairly straightforward too. There are three real elements that need setting up. Firstly you need the solar panels fixing to the roof so as to best catch sunlight – usually a south-facing ledge. Then an inverter needs putting in your home. This converts the DC power of the panels to AC power for your home. Finally the feed in system is set up so that all your excess power being fed into the system is recorded for your profit.

Some companies can even do all of this for free. They will take the feed in energy profits in return, but you’re given lots of free electricity thanks to the installation.

So as you can see, it’s a pretty simple process from ordering to installing. In fact, you could have it all done and ready in less than a week.

Maybe it’s time that you considered having  solar panels on houses installed.


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