Can Anyone Install Home Solar Panels?

Home Solar Panels

Green energy is a major concern for a lot of people these days, and even if you’re not that convinced by global warming, it pays to not be too dependant on the energy companies. Something that’s really beginning to take off in the UK, thanks to government initiatives and better technology, is the installation of home solar panels. The building work is really simple and fast, and the benefits are numerous. So what are some of the things that might stop you from being able to make this move?

The good news in terms of permission for solar panels is that they come under permitted development in England Scotland and Wales. That means you don’t have to get planning permission for most types of solar panel installation, providing that the panels aren’t too obtrusive (most home use panels are fairly compact and lie against the roof of the building). Something you do need to check is whether your house insurance still covers you with solar panels. Many policies do include basic PV installation, but it pays to make sure, and make adjustments if necessary.

If you live in a listed building you might find things more difficult. Panels tend to obscure one side of the roof, and require the installation of a new feed meter. As such, old properties might restrict you from being able to have panels put up. Also, you need to have an assessment of your roof to see if you’re eligible. A uniform surface, facing south, is ideal, but variations are possible.

Home Solar Panels

Home Solar Panels


In terms of cost, there are ways of making sure that you really get a good deal out of your PV supply too. Many companies are willing to make the installation for free. So that means free panels, and free power. In return, you allow the company to take any excess energy you make and gain the profits from it. If you install panels yourself you can also profit from this surplus energy payment scheme.

At the moment it’s a really good time to take advantage of solar cells. Your home can get all the power it needs, and you might just profit into the bargain.

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