Advantages of solar panels and Government Incentives

Advantages of solar panel

Many people will be concerned about rising electricity prices, especially with the knowledge that because of potential fuel shortages they are only going to get higher. The country’s dependency on fossil fuels is something the government has tried to tackle by building wind farms, but getting past local communities, which are often very vocal in their displeasure, has led to the scheme being unpopular with large parts of the country.

Because ambitious targets have been set regarding reducing our national carbon footprint, the government has been thinking of novel ways to help encourage the nation to join in. These financial rewards will only be seen as a bonus by everyone who is aware of the damage that climate change will do all over the world and is looking for a way to cut their individual carbon footprint. And considering solar panels will save about a tonne of carbon dioxide every year, there are few better ways to do so.

Advantages of solar panel

Advantages of solar panel


However, getting them installed in the first place isn’t cheap. That’s why the government has developed the ‘Feed in Tariff’ scheme. Anyone who gets solar panels fitted is entitled to 25 years of payment based on how much electricity they produce. This makes solar panels a great long-term investment, while allowing the government to spread out its payments.

While the amount offered is set to fall for new installers next years due to a greater uptake of the scheme than first thought, coupled with a need to tighten the budget, the financial outcome for people who install solar panels is still attractive. And with companies slashing the amount they charge for installation there is still every reason to get solar panels installed.

It is not just solar panels that the government is providing incentives for. The Feed in Tariff also pays for electricity generated by other renewable means, such as by wind turbines or hydroelectricity. But solar panels have proven most popular because so many people are able to have them and because they are so unobtrusive. If you’re able to get solar panels installed, you really shouldn’t need any more convincing.

There are plenty of benefits of having solar panels in your home.

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